Remembering Elizabeth Taylor: See The Star's Nine Most Iconic Jewels

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Elizabeth Taylor would have turned 82 today. In memory of the iconic actress and style icon, click through to see the her nine most breathtaking pieces of jewelry!

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In the pantheon of glamorous celebrities, nobody shines brighter than Elizabeth Taylor. And it's not simply because the woman was always adorned in the most stunning gems! The violet-eyed bombshell famous for her perfectly coiffed brunette locks, jetsetting lifestyle and eight marriages to seven husbands would have turned 82 today.

In December 2011, less than 10 months after her passing, Christie's auctioned over 200 pieces of Taylor's celebrated jewelry collection. The star-studded event—Kim Kardashian purchased multiple pieces—broke records, bringing in more than $137 million. In total, 26 items sold for over the $1 million mark! And of course, part of the proceeds benefitted the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

So today, we raise a glass of champagne to you, Miss Taylor! Thanks for teaching us how to hold our heads high and truly shine. In memory of the iconic actress, click through the slideshow above to see Elizabeth Taylor's nine most jaw-dropping jewelry pieces.

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