Erin Fetherston x JewelMint Is A Cat Lover's Dream

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The fashion industry's been experiencing a love affair with all things feline for several seasons running, and Lucky can't get enough of the look. Now Erin Fetherston, designer of the daintiest, most darling dresses ever, is giving us yet another reason to look like (extremely chic) cat ladies.

For its third Studio Series collaboration collection—past partners include Giles & Brother and Richard Chai—affordable accessories brand JewelMint went in a decidedly different direction, picking the ever-ethereal Fetherston to whip up some ultra-feminine gems perfect for Valentine's Day. The pieces play off some classic girly-girl motifs—hearts, bows and, yes, kitty ears among them—and are cast in both rose and yellow gold. The best part, however? Every single piece in the 10-item collection costs less than $30. We suspect editors, bloggers and Fetherston fans alike will be flocking to these gems like kittens to catnip.

Read on for my Q&A with the designer, then click through above to shop the full EF x JM collection!

Lucky: You've designed jewelry before, but never on a large scale—more like individual pieces here and there. What drew you to this particular collab, then?

Erin Fetherston: I always think collaborations are great for designers in that way, because they sort of let you play in different playgrounds, do something that's a little different.

Tell us a bit about what inspired you! The pieces all feel very you.

I wanted it to be really lighthearted and fun—and since I knew it was going to launch around Valentine's Day, I wanted it to embrace iconic super-girly elements like hearts, rings and lockets. But I wanted to play with those codes in a slightly more subversive way—like how the Cupid's arrow ring is actually a double knuckle ring, for example.

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

The kitty ears headband!

I feel like the cat ears are going to get a lot of love from everyone. What do you think makes cats so irresistible to fashion folks?

Something about it just works. When you put on anything with kitty ears, you can't help but smile. Fashion can get so serious, and that whole edgy look has been in for so long now—and I think there's definitely still room for that, but it's great to do something that makes you laugh, too!

Finally, since this is a Valentine's Day collaboration—what are your plans for February 14?

Valentine's Day is a very special day for me and my husband [Cobra Starship rocker Gabe Saporta], because it's actually the day we first met. Which is great, because it means he never forgets our anniversary! It's our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, so I'm sure we'll do something special.

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