Would You Rather: Moschino's Fast Food Handbags Or Anya Hindmarch's Cereal Carryalls?

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Make all the "fashion people don't eat!" jokes you'd like, but it's a fact: food is a major trend for next fall. Just look at the snack-inspired accessories that have popped up at the shows in Europe this past week! In London, Anya Hindmarch sent out mood-boosting bags decorated with images of Tony the Tiger, Frosted Flakes' mascot ("They're grrreat!"), along with the Corn Flakes rooster and Coco Pops monkey.

Meanwhile, at Moschino's Milan show, new creative director Jeremy Scott celebrated his debut collection for the label with a loud and proud sartorial salute to consumer culture. Some outfits were SpongeBob SquarePants-themed, others seemed to be crafted from candy wrappers—but it was the McDonald's-gone-ladylike looks that really caught our eye. In particular, the bags meant to resemble Happy Meals and supersized soft drinks were tons of fun.

So which are you more hungry for: Anya Hindmarch's cereal carryalls (pictured above) or Moschino's "fast food couture" (below)? Or does the whole trend send you into an instant carb coma? We want to know!

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