Blame Game Of Thrones: Crystal Snoods Are Having A Moment

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Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

We can't wait for the triumphant, bound-to-be-bloody return of HBO's Game of Thrones on April 6—and it seems designers can relate, because medieval-style embellished snoods are most definitely having a runway moment. Back in January, several looks at the Atelier Versace show featured rhinestone-embroidered hoods (see above)—one of which was promptly gifted to, and worn by, label favorite and Daenerys Targaryen hair twin Lady Gaga.

Then, last Sunday, Dolce & Gabbana sent out a number of sequined, gemstone-accented hooded snoods as part of its fairy tale-themed Fall 2014 collection (pictured below). The shimmering accessories seemed directly inspired by medieval armor: fitted around the face, draped at the neck and shoulders. In short, these hoods looked exactly like something a Westeros warrior (granted, an extremely chic one) might wear while riding into battle.

I know they say three's a trend, but I'm calling this one at two; question is, would you trade your beloved chunky-knit snood for a sparkling, crystal-studded version? It may not do much in the way of keeping you warm—but talk about street style bait!


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