12 Times Rashida Jones Wore Glasses And Looked Gorgeous

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In honor of Rashida Jones' 38th birthday today, click through for her most beautiful bespectacled style moments to date—and to shop her favorite frames, too!

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There are many, many reasons for our longstanding girl crush on actress, screenwriter and newly-minted jewelry designer Rashida Jones: not only do the whip-smart star's various entertainment projects make us laugh like none other (Parks and Rec and Celeste & Jesse Forever, anyone?), but she also happens to be naturally gorgeous—and fearless when it comes to fashion. Whether she's stepping out in a menswear-inspired shorts suit at New York Fashion Week or going bold in a brightly printed dress for an awards ceremony, Rashida never fails to inspire.

But strong as her accessories game in general may be, there's one element of her look with which we're particularly smitten: those signature retro-chic specs. Whenever she's presenting an award at a gala, running errands around town or hitting a film festival, Rashida whips out her frames and instantly adds a dash of smart-girl cool to her entire look. In short, we couldn't imagine a better beauty role model for glasses-wearing girls everywhere—or a more convincing reason to swap out our go-to contact lenses for thick-rimmed spectacles.

In honor of Rashida Jones' 38th birthday today, click through above to peep 12 pictures of the star looking gorgeous in glasses—and to shop the two pairs she usually wears (both cost less than $65)!

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