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Got XL-sized feet? Click through for some shoe-buying tips—and fabulous picks!

When in doubt, wear heels. The higher the shoe, the more you are using your ginormous foot to increase your verticals, not your horizontals. If it were feasible to wear ballet pointe shoes at all times, that would be the ideal. But let's not get carried away here.

A far better idea? These Charlotte Olympia pumps. The designer has many styles that flatter big feet, but these glamorous Dolly leather platform pumps are particularly perfect—and glamorous.

Avoid pointy-toed footwear when possible. By design, they add length past your toes and often make feet appear narrower, which adds an extra—unwanted!—sense of length.

Heeled ankle boots are miracle workers for large feet. They work well for all the same reasons pumps do, but also make your feet appear smaller—just by covering them up.

This high ankle bootie from Acne has almost a vertical angle on the front, which is super-flattering.

Don't be afraid of bulky footwear. Just like how a thin person often looks even thinner in baggy clothing, so too do big feet benefit from a sturdy boot, especially a classic one like this Frye style. The strap across the ankle and sloping cuff are key.

Wear flats without looking flat-footed. Make sure the material on the top of your foot doesn't come up too close to the ankle. For example, Chuck Taylors are undoubtedly going to make your feet look like banana boats. And that's just not cute.

These sneakers from Ash, on the other hand, are comfortable, sporty flats that have the perfect amount of coverage on top of the foot and a great rounded toe.

Don't show too much toe. For example, if you are wearing ballet flats, it is a good idea to cover that toe cleavage. When the beginnings of the toes are visible, it sort of looks like your feet are trying to escape from your shoes. Keeps those piggies locked up.

These oh-so-pretty ballet flats from Repetto have just enough coverage over the toes and on the sides of the foot.

Sandals should have a lot of material, like multiple thin straps or very wide ones. If you show too much naked foot, your above-average size will be on display. So none of that one-center-strap-connected-to-an-ankle-band situation.

This sandal is almost a mule, but the slingback strap keeps your ankle from being too exposed. Mules are everywhere this spring, and not always flattering for big feet, so these Jeffrey Campbells are a perfect compromise.

Choose colors that are darker than your skin tone. Anything lighter blends in with the skin, and makes the shoe appear to be an extension of the actual foot. This is great for those who want to appear taller—just wear nude pumps!—but leave that to the size 7s. Otherwise, your feet will look like they might impale people if you are walking too fast.

With crisscrossing straps and ankle support, these navy sandals from J.Crew are perfect for big-footed frolicking when (if?) the weather eventually gets warmer.