14 Stellar Ways To Style A Spring Scarf

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1. Wear it over a shirt with the same color scheme but a different pattern.

It'll clash in a cool, off-the-cuff way, like you mismatched on accident and lucked into looking good.

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Associate Digital Editor

Unlike whatever big chunky snood, shawl or wrap has been helping you survive this winter, there's nothing practical about a spring/summer scarf. While it's too thin and wispy to provide any real warmth, it's not going to cool you down, either. It's easily stained and ripped but difficult to repair, and flaps around your face in a strong wind. Nobody wears one because it's useful.

So why, you ask, does anyone bother with a scarf between April and September? A single trump card reason that's impossible to argue: it looks awesome. Because that's more than enough to persuade me, I've gathered 14 perfect ways to style the lightweight neck and head accessory once warm weather hits (it will guys, I promise!) in the slideshow above, each inspired by a different runway trend, street style star or Lucky editor. Click through to fully enjoy being frivolous.

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