Seven Gym Bags That’ll Make You Want to Work Out

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Dipped in luxe metallics or bold solids, these Baggu canvas totes are adorable and versatile. The long strap means you can throw the bag over your shoulder, and the durable canvas makes it fully machine washable.
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If the new year and the Olympics didn’t motivate you to get to the gym, these bags surely will: They’re so cute, you’ll want to carry them all the time. So if you only let yourself tote your gym stuff in them—and then visualize how great you’ll look once bikini season comes around—you’ll pretty much have no choice but to work out. And soon you’ll be in the best shape of your life! (Bonus: After the summer, you can use these for everything, because at that point, who really cares about a bikini body, right?) Click through for the seven bags so cute, they'll actually get you to the gym.

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