50 Dream Spring Bags

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Click through to shop 50 delightful, decadent bags that'll help you ace your spring style game—but might just max out your credit card.

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Is there anything more fun than shopping for a new spring handbag? Unlike, say, trying on swimwear, browsing bags doesn't involve boatloads of body guilt or leave you feeling less than confident about your particular state of paleness—plus, when you plunk down the cash (or credit) for a cream-of-the-crop carryall, you can rest assured that you're investing in something you'll likely wear and love for many seasons to come.

Sure, you could refresh your warm-weather wardrobe with a budget-friendly bag—or you could go all out and consider one (or more!) of the 50 stunning satchels, clutches, crossbodies and totes in the gallery above. Click through to start swooning.

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