From Lipstick Loafers To Ice Cream Heels: The 17 Wackiest Shoes We Could Find

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We love basic black shoes and all, but some days we just want to wear cats with sunglasses on our feet, okay?! Click through for 17 equally cute and kooky pairs of heels and flats.
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Anti-minimalists, this story's for you! In the slideshow above, you'll find 17 pairs of wacky heels and flats—all inspired by not even remotely shoe-like things—that are the opposite of simple and streamlined. Feel free to wear each one with something equally twee, the way Zooey Deschanel might, or as a way to make a simple outfit feel more exciting—but either way, leave them at home if you want to blend in. These shoes will never, ever do that. Click through for quirky footwear overload.

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