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Click through for 18 party-approved necklaces to get you in the Mardi Gras mood!
Give your ensemble a feminine flare with this dainty beaded collar.
Don't settle on wearing just one color-- wear the whole rainbow!
Let the whole world know that you're a classy lady with this dramatic piece.
Swap out those tacky purple, green, and gold beads for this modern choker instead.
Look at all of those intricately-woven strands of beads—people will know that you mean business.
You know what they say about the number of beads you're wearing...
For those who wish to spend their Mardi Gras drinking an artisan brew and jammin' to instrumental jazz.
Perfect for any bayou-themed Mardi Gras party. That's totally a thing, right?
These sea glass beads are sure to be an ice-breaker should there be any awkward silence.
Don't wait around for some silly cake to tell you who the Queen of the night is.
Be the belle of the ball with this elegant showstopper.
Date night with Lestat!
Finally, some beads that are as wild as you are!
Take styling cues from the rich colors of New Orleans cuisine. Taste the gumbo, feel the gumbo, be the gumbo!
Keeping your evening low key? Let your jewelry reflect your mood with these subtle, long strands.
Spare yourself from the morning-after struggle of having to untangle multiple strands of beads with this all-in-one collar.
This beaded scarf-necklace won't keep you warm in these sub-zero temperatures, but you'll definitely look cool.
Channel your inner Egyptian Goddess with this colorful beaded choker.