25 Pairs Of Pretty, Ladylike Footwear For Girls Who Don't Do Ugly Shoes

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No matter how cool a pair of ugly shoes can look with right outfit in an ironic, "I'm ugly but somehow I still work" kind of way, it will never, ever be traditionally pretty. That's just not the point: the style is all about being clunky and awkward on purpose. Not at all like the 25 sets of streamlined and feminine heels and flats in the slideshow above, all perfect for those days when you just want to feel like Audrey Hepburn (trends be damned!). After all, she'd give up her part in Breakfast at Tiffany's before letting a pair of Tevas touch her feet.

But besides serving as an occasional palate cleanser to the hippie sandal, orthopedic sneaker and lug-soled pump thing, my picks also provide a way to avoid unattractive footwear all season. You don't have to jump on the ugly shoe bandwagon if you don't want to (and as many of your Facebook comments and strongly worded tweets prove—yes, I read every one!—that's an awful lot of you); what's more, you can look pretty damn awesome in the process. Emphasis on "pretty."

Get clicking for 25 pairs of shoes everyone around you will describe as lovely, delightful and sweet.

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