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My newly refreshed home office space is now so clean and organized. I want to get right to work! Click through the slideshow to shop more office accessories and get started on your own spring cleaning kick.
This slab of lightweight, recyclable cork alternative can be hung on your wall alone or in a group and is a great background for creating an inspiration collage.
The cute See Jane Work line from Office Depot comes in a variety of different color combinations and patterns. These pushpins with rounded tips are more unique than standard thumbtacks, but just as sturdy.
Important step on the road to organization: Get all of your bills and paperwork sorted with new inboxes and outboxes.
The top drawer can be used for stashing office supplies and hanging files fit in the drawer below. I vow to not let mine turn into yet another junk drawer!
This colorful iPhone stand from C. Wonder doubles as a speaker and a dock for your phone while charging. The old-timey gramophone amplifies your phone's internal speakers enough for comfortable listening nearby.
No more searching high and low for a paper clip or safety pin with this magnetic holder.
McNally Jackson opened a gorgeous stationery store around the corner from their original bookshop in NYC's Nolita, and it's my happy place. They sell their minimalist-cool pens, notebooks, prints and desk accessories online too, so you can pick up these Japanese labels even if you don't live near downtown New York.
Upgrade from the basic Swingline you brought home from work.
A small decorative glass serves double duty as a bud vase or a pencil cup.
Sure, your computer and phone have calendars, but a pretty wall version is like having a functional art piece.
Don't let your computer screen be the only illumination in your room! A bright task lamp is much better for your eyes.
These erasers are so cute, you'll look forward to making a mistake.
Resolving to keep your space tidy year-round is easier with a vintage-inspired trash bin.