Lighten Up: 25 Spring-Ready White Handbags

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Remember: you don't have to wear your color-free handbag with an all-white ensemble. It looks great with bright colors and neutrals, too! Click through for 25 white satchels, totes and clutches that go with pretty much everything.
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Dressed in head-to-toe white—right down to some snow-colored shoes—I recently found myself desperately digging through my closet for a coordinating handbag. My favorite black satchel (which up to that moment I believed would match anything) felt too heavy and dark, my cherry red tote too bright and distracting. I nixed a perforated tan saddle bag because it ruined my outfit's minimalist feel, and halfheartedly tried a couple more colors before giving up. What I really needed, I didn't have: something that matched.

Because I'd hate for you to find yourself in the same situation this coming spring (which is very likely, because white on white on white is the look this season), I've rounded up 25 color-free carryalls in the slideshow above, in a variety of prices and shapes. Click through to prevent a fashion emergency now.


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