12 Shoes You Wore As A Kid That Are Back And Better Than Ever

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As a child, there were few things I loved more than shoes and my trusty overalls. From flip-flops to tennis shoes to t-straps, I thought those beat-up dungarees paired perfectly with everything! Since I was living in Tennessee at the time, barefoot probably would've been the most appropriate option—but that early exposure to shoes and fashion clearly impacted my life in a major way. As kids, was there anything better than a good pair of jellies or platform sneakers? Nothing can top the shoes of our youth!

After conducting an informal poll at Lucky HQ, I've compiled a list of some of our favorite childhood shoes—ranging from those we wore as toddlers to the kicks from our awkward high school years. This summer, why not channel your inner kiddo with these 12 grown-up versions of your age-old favorites? They'll remind you of popsicle-stained fingers, chlorine-drenched summer hair and high school hallways—who knows, you may even suddenly remember that long-lost locker combination! Click through the slideshow above to shop 12 shoes you're sure to recognize from your youth! And please, let us know which shoes you couldn't live without as a kid.

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