This New Jewelry Line Takes Personal Safety—And Style—Seriously

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Thanks to new jewelry company Cuff, you don't have to sacrifice personal style for safety. Click through to see the entire collection!

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Wearable technology, while it may be innovative and very James Bond-esque, isn't known for being the most fashionable of industries. But Cuff, a start-up based in San Francisco, is about to change that and take personal security to a whole new level. The line of jewelry looks innocent enough, featuring pretty gold bangles, leather wrap bracelets, pendant necklaces and even a keychain. But hidden inside each piece is a small device, called CuffLinc, that connects to your smartphone and, when pressed, alerts your trusted network when the wearer is in trouble. The innovative technology also allows your protective circle to view your location through GPS. Smart and chic, no?

"The intention of the Cuff line is an invitation to reimagine what wearable tech can look like," founder Deepa Sood told me. "It's a more seamless marriage of the fashion and the function."

And what if you send out an accidental SOS? There are a few safeguards in place to prevent false alarms. You have to press the button for about two seconds, so bumping it accidentally won't do anything. But if you do send a false alarm, you can immediately disarm it through the app.

While the personal safety aspect of Cuff is a huge draw, the technology can serve different functions as well. With Cuff, you can safely ignore your phone but still be available if anyone needs you.

"The idea is that maybe we don't have to be so tethered to our phones all the time," said Sood. "If my husband or my babysitter really needs me, they can use the app to make my Cuff vibrate and I'll know I have to check my phone versus checking my phone every time it beeps."

The ability to curate your technology is key, especially in an age when checking your phone during dinner with friends has become the norm.

The line, designed with a "one style does not fit all" mantra, makes the CuffLinc technology interchangeable between all the pieces. Just remove the device from one piece and insert it into another to change up your look in seconds.

"It's all about choice," Sood said. "Nobody wants to wear the same shirt every day, so why should it be the same with wearable tech?"

Cuff will be available this fall, but you can pre-order the line here.

Click through the slideshow above to see the collection.

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