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Click through to shop 15 eco-friendly jewelry lines perfect for Earth Day—and all year round!
Honey Rose & K creates new pieces from vintage jewels and recycled chains. This ensures that each one of its pieces is not only eco-friendly, but also 100 percent one of a kind! With its hints of turquoise and pale pink beads, this necklace is a perfect summer pick.
Made with layered Ugandan cow horn, this piece from Rose & Fitzgerald also incorporates locally sourced brass. The mix of organic material and modern design makes the ring a real showstopper.
Gold & Gray uses plenty of natural materials, like the shark tooth seen here. Whether you wear it alone or layered, this necklace makes a sharp statement—and part of the proceeds go to support the Nature Conservancy!
In addition to making everything in NYC, Mociun supports emerging technologies and concepts of sustainability and environmentally healthy production. It doesn't hurt that every one of its pieces is mind-blowingly beautiful, either.
Half United is focused on "fashion that feeds hunger." Not only do half the organization's profits go towards fighting global hunger, but the brand's pieces feature recycled materials like brass nuts and bullet casings.
From the mixed metals to the green teardrop beads, this necklace is a serious conversation-starter. Plus, 20 percent of its proceeds go to Greenpeace.
Alexis Russell brings a fine art aesthetic to all of the jewelry she creates, incorporating plenty of conflict-free gemstones and recycled metals.
Test-drive the fringe trend with this fun silver bracelet. To sweeten the deal, the piece's recycled silver, brass and copper beads are handmade from melted-down bullet casings.
If you really want to know the backstory behind your jewelry, check out Ruff & Cut. Descriptions of each piece detail the origins of its metal and gemstones—all recycled and ethically mined, of course! Plus, percentages of many of its pieces are donated to likeminded nonprofits.
Buy this sparkly statement necklace during the month of April, and 20 percent of proceeds will go straight to Greenpeace.
Made from only recycled metals, Melissa Joy Manning's pieces are both heartfelt and eco-friendly. The designer's dedication to using socially and environmentally sustainable materials makes her a true hero in the jewelry world.
Not only is this a stunning engagement ring, but it's also cast in 100 percent recycled sterling silver and set with an ethically-mined diamond.
Go green—literally! Twenty percent of the proceeds from each of these braided brass bracelets goes to Greenpeace, an organization dedicated to promoting world peace and keeping our planet beautiful.
All the beads used in this necklace and bracelet duo are made from recycled paper; plus, the pieces are handmade in Uganda. Every purchase from 31 Bits not only put recycled materials to good use, but also empowers people to rise above poverty.