The 30 Most Famous Jewels In The World

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Click through to see 30 of the most beautiful—and most expensive—pieces of jewelry in the world.

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Like most girls my age, I love anything that sparkles. And I especially love gemstones. They're the reason I go to so many museums, and why I casually walk by Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co. at least once a week. It's kind of a problem—a modern-day Breakfast at Tiffany's window shopping problem. The good news, however, is that my precious gem fixation's lead me to do lots of research on the biggest, baddest and sparkliest pieces of jewelry ever created—and now, I'm sharing my findings with you! Click through to peep 30 of the dreamiest, most expensive jewels in the world—including the Guinness World Record holder for the most expensive necklace.

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