11 Solid Pointers For Styling A Spring Hat

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However your hat game is, it's about to get better. Click through for 11 inspiring tips for covering your head this season.

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Tomorrow's May 1, which means we're about halfway through spring, which means it's consistently above 50 degrees (or should be!), which means there's no ear-warming utility to wearing a hat, which means why bother—right? Maybe not. While, sure, there aren't a whole lot of practical reasons to cover one's head during the warm weather months (unless it's a Kentucky Derby hat, the whole face shade argument's a stretch), a thoughtfully styled fedora or baseball cap can completely transform an outfit for the better.

Because that's reason aplenty for me, I've gathered 11 street style-inspired pointers on wearing hats for no other purpose than that it just looks good. Click through the slideshow above to get in on the fun! (And once you've mastered these, try working this bad boy into an outfit and let me know how it goes. I'm still mystified.)

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