Would You Pay $1,290 For A Pair Of Saint Laurent Tights?

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When it comes to fashion, anything priced at over four figures is, at least in my mind, quite expensive. Be it a dress, a pair of heels or a classic bag, a thousand-plus-dollar purchase is not a buy to be taken lightly. But if you're the type with buckets of bucks to spare, boy, does Saint Laurent have the hosiery for you!

That's right—hosiery. It's a well-known fact that Hedi Slimane's covetable star cardigans and babydoll dresses retail for quite a lot of cash, but the designer's also got a $1,290 pair of fishnet tights up for grabs on Barneys.com right now, touted as the perfect way to "move from conference room to cocktail party." Italian-made and speckled with Strass crystals, the pricey pantyhose are available in two colorways and recently made an appearance in Sky Ferreira's new shoppable "I Blame Myself" video (remember seeing them wrapped around that police officer's neck?).

Here's my issue: Has anyone out there ever, ever succeeded in pulling on a pair of sheer tights without immediately, irreparably ripping them? (I should mention that I keep my fingernails short and relatively snag-free, so it's not like I'm grabbing at my hosiery with Lana Del Rey-level talons.) Why on earth would you plunk down four figures for something a hasty trip to the restroom could quite literally unravel in an instant? Am I crazy for thinking these are a bad idea? Discuss.

(Oh, and if you're still itching for some crystal-bedazzled legwear to call your own, Saint Laurent's $1,290 pantyhose are available here.)

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