The Five Essential Sunglass Styles Every Woman Should Own

The Retro Wayfarer

Introduced in the 1950s by Ray-Ban, the Wayfarer's distinctive sharp-cornered shape and plastic frame immediately made it stand out against the rest of the eyewear pack. The style picked up steam once again in the '80s, when Tom Cruise sported it in Risky Business and Bret Easton Ellis referenced it often in his zeitgeisty novels. Today, this edgy shape's a unisex favorite amongst the celebrity set. Click through to shop the best Wayfarer-style sunglasses.
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When it comes to trends, sunglass shapes and brands seem to fall in and out of favor as quickly as do denim silhouettes and washes. But just like jeans, there are a select few styles of shades you absolutely need in your arsenal—consider them the eyewear equivalents of skinny, flared and boyfriend-cut denim. While you should certainly feel free to experiment with the season's more faddish frames—perhaps at a lower price point?—you can safely consider these five timeless (or in some cases, soon-to-be-timeless) sunglass types your year-round, all-occasion staples.

From the '80s-esque Wayfarer to the oversized Jackie O, click through to see and shop the five styles of sunglasses every woman should own.

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