29 Shoes That Are Just Right For Transitional Spring Weather

It's not hot, but not cold, not quite rainy nor sunny, and the hourly forecast report can't seem to make up its mind—so what kind of shoes are you supposed to wear? Click through for some great transitional footwear to carry you through until sandal season!

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As we usher in spring's warmer temperatures and sporadic rain showers, it's a relief to be able to finally stop wondering just how many sweaters I'll need to layer, or whether or not my hat will ruin my carefully-coiffed updo for the day. Yet, given this season's fickle nature, new sartorial questions arise: Can I pull off bare legs? Or what sort of coat is (or isn't) appropriate for the day?

Living in the city, one of the key questions I ask myself each morning is footwear-related. Being constantly on the go, it's important to consider which of my shoes are or are not waterproof, walkable, and breathable as I pack up my bag for the day. While my Weather.com app can easily answer these questions most days, the volatile temperament of spring weather gives reason for pause when getting dressed in the morning—by afternoon, will it be too hot for my booties? How many toes can I expose before I start to feel cold?

Clearly, I'm not the only one who faces this morning struggle, as I've happened upon many great shoes that just beg to be worn during the awkward transitional months when it's neither hot nor cold outside. Click through the above slideshow to see a roundup of the best springtime transitional shoes, which hopefully will make getting ready in the mornings that much easier for you.

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