Would You Pay $595 For This Unicorn Baseball Cap?

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Unicorn baseball cap, $595, Piers Atkinson, net-a-porter.com

While doing a little research for an upcoming hat story (check back here for it this afternoon!) this morning, my focus was completely derailed when the hat pictured above popped up in my search feed. I mean, I've never seen anything like it—and I've seen a lot. A few years on the fashion week circuit really takes your shock threshold to a whole new level.

But before I could completely wrap my mind around the idea of someone wearing a purple baseball cap with a sparkly pink unicorn pasted on top in earnest (could Anna Dello Russo possibly pull it off? I'm not sure...), I was hit with an even bigger surprise: it costs $595. Before taxes and shipping.

Although a standard canvas snapback can cost anywhere between $5 to $65, let's be generous and say this one might be made from special organic bamboo fiber harvested once a year under a blue moon, so maybe it merits a $150 price tag? That still means the plastic figurine is supposedly worth over $400. And unless it really, truly has the magical properties of a living, breathing unicorn, I have no idea why that would be the case. Who knows, though? Maybe it'll grow on me. And hopeful by the moment that time comes, the cap will make its way to The Outnet, where I can buy it for the bargain price of $300.

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