25 Wonderful Weekender Bags For All Your Summer Travels

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A little vintage travel inspiration from supermodel Veruschka, circa 1971. To look this good on the go, click through for 25 perfect weekender bags (but sorry, you're on your own for the flawless blowout and old-timey photography).

Henry Clarke for Vogue

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Before there's any driving around in a Zipcar, having two helping of pancakes at a bed and breakfast (hey, you want your money's worth, right?) and blissfully ignoring your inbox for 48 hours, a long weekend starts with packing a travel bag. To ensure you have a great one before the summer getaway season starts, we've gathered 25 perfect oversized totes and duffels in the slideshow above. Click through to prepare for your (hopefully many!) mini vacays now.

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