18 Jewelry Classics With A Twist

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To save you from a forgettable jewelry wardrobe, I've found 18 fresh takes on classic necklace, bracelet, ring and earring styles. Click through to shop my picks now.

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Building a wardrobe from the ground up starts easily enough. You begin with the basics, like white tees, and jeans, and underwear, (obviously…hopefully?); you know, the foundation stuff. Second-layer items such as sweaters, light jackets and black booties come next, which vary a little from person to person, although not by much. Finish the whole shebang off with a couple of statement pieces—if you're into those sequin pants, go for it!—and then you're off to the jewelry portion of this challenge.

That's where things start to get tricky. Unlike undershirts and denim, which work because they're so simple, standard-issue necklaces, bracelets, rings and earring often feel somewhat bland and uninspired (or as the Man Repeller would say: you'll look like a "basic bitch"). It's a tough line to ride: on one hand, you want pieces that feel timeless and versatile; on the other, each one should feel unique to you. That's hard to get from the same pair of diamond studs and single strand of pearls that million upon millions of other ladies own.

Instead, your best bet is to go with classic jewelry that has just a little something askew, some detail that makes it stand out. You'l find 18 such pieces in the slideshow above, where I've included alternatives for every kind of overused adornment out there. Click through to step up your accessory game.

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