Pedicure Not Required: 25 Closed-Toe Spring Shoes

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Don't have time to make it to the nail salon? We got you. Click through for 25 pairs of closed-toe shoes you can wear straight into summer.

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Now that sunny, spring-y, almost-summer(!) conditions have finally set in, I bet your calendar is filling up fast. There are rooftop drinks to enjoy after work and outdoor cookouts at all your friends' houses; a bridal or baby shower is happening every Saturday until July. You've barely got a few hours on the weekend to catch up on Game of Thrones and restock your almond butter supply, let alone get a pedicure. Yes, it might be mid-May, but your feet sure don't look it.

Not to worry! To save you from a lose-lose choice between displaying chipped toenails or wearing unseasonably heavy footwear, I've found 25 closed-toe shoes meant for warm weather. Filled with fun little details that show the foot in unexpected ways—a d'Orsay side dip here, cage-like straps there—these non-sandal sandals are so cool, no one will suspect you're using them to cover up December 2013's leftover polish job. Just don't blame me if you wind up using one of my picks as an excuse to skip the salon all season—why bother when you can spend that extra money on a second pair anyways?

Click through the slideshow above to shop closed-toe spring and summer shoes now.

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