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Friendship bracelets aren't just for slumber parties anymore. Click through to see–and shop!–the evolution of summer's most important jewelry staple.
Power Beads
Who knew what these "power" beads actually meant, but in the '90s I had armfuls of them. My friends and I traded them depending on our outfits and had coordinating colors. We all know that the '90s are back again in a big way, and we've already started spotting these chunky beads on a wrist or two again. Click through to shop the look.
Your Name on a Grain of Rice
As a '90s kid, I was always amazed that they could fit my (in my opinion) really long name on something as tiny as a grain of rice. How genius! They may be silly, but man, these were the coolest. Feel free to dig yours out of storage and add them to your arm party to add a little personalized flair. Click through to shop the look.
Letter Beads
There's no better way to honor your besties than with a beaded bracelet, preferably one with something like "MAD + MIA 4EVER" on it. Nowadays, brands are making beaded bracelets more clever, with "Fetch" being one of my favorite expressions. Click through to shop more options.
Arm Party
Leandra Medine made the arm party not just a trend, but a hashtag (seriously, there are over 600,000 #armparty posts on Instagram). The best arm parties consists of layers of bracelets in mixed mediums: think old-school thread bracelets mixed in with delicate chains and chunky beads. Click through to shop the look.
Railroad Spike Cuff
When Giles & Brother introduced this railroad spike cuff, everyone from street style bloggers to magazine editors had to have it. Its custom stamping option made it particularly BFF-friendly. Click through to shop the look.
ID Bracelet
Originally used to signify you were "going steady," ID bracelets can be swapped amongst friends—so you can literally wear their names on your sleeve. Click through to shop the look.
Macramé Lace Bracelets
The latest friendship bracelet trend to hit the interwebs, Cruciani C bracelets have been spotted on European bloggers and editors alike since 2011. Though they originated in Italy, you can find them in a variety of shapes and colors here in the States—or order them online. Looks like these macramé lace bracelets are ready to take on the US of A! Click through to shop the look.