The Evolution Of The Friendship Bracelet, From Slumber Party Staple To Street Style Essential

Power Beads

Who knew what these "power" beads actually meant, but in the '90s I had armfuls of them. My friends and I traded them depending on our outfits and had coordinating colors. We all know that the '90s are back again in a big way, and we've already started spotting these chunky beads on a wrist or two again. Click through to shop the look.


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Before Pinterest, my besties and I would gather at slumber parties and teach each other how to tie the brightest friendship bracelets possible–I think we went through miles of colored thread. Obviously, my #1 BFF and I had matching ones! But friendship bracelets have seriously evolved since the 1990s. Just search "#armparty" on Instagram, for instance, and you'll find over 600,000 entries dedicated to the trend Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller helped launch.

Click through the slideshow above to see–and shop!–the evolution of summer's most important jewelry staple, the friendship bracelet.

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