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Shopping for sunglasses is whole lot easier if you start off knowing what works for your face shape. Click through to find your most flattering frames.
Circle Face Shapes
Roundish faces tend to be nearly as wide as they are long, with equal amounts of chin and forehead space. To balance out all those curved edges, Sarah suggests square or rectangular sunglasses. As for deciding which options to go with, the prominence of your cheekbones is key: since frames that sit low, like square styles, often rest on high cheekbones, naturally chiseled girls need something with less depth.
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Square Face Shapes
Described by Sarah as having "very consistent and parallel lines between the edge of the forehead and chin," ladies with strong jawlines need to balance out those angles with some soft curves. Circle shapes are a good option, of course, but so are cat-eye styles. Even a rectangular frame works if it has rounded edges! So long as you avoid making a perpendicular line through your face, it's all good.
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Heart Face Shapes
There are three very important things to avoid if you've got a wide forehead and narrow chin: 1.) Giant frames that will awkwardly perch on the model-esque high cheekbones you probably have. 2.) Square-bottomed sunnies, which tend to accentuate the smaller half of your face in an unflattering way. 3.) Anything top-heavy—it makes your brow seem bigger than it really is. Sarah suggests starting your search with cat-eye and rounded rectangular styles.
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Oval Face Shapes
If you have fairly even proportions all over, I've got some good news: you can get away with pretty much anything (and you have the same face shape as Beyoncé—woo!). Even so, chances are you aren't a perfect textbook oval, so pay attention to whether you have rounded or more angular features. Adjust accordingly.
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