Mariel And Langley Fox Hemingway Bring Their California Cool To Ferragamo's New Handbag Campaign

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Click through to peep all of Mariel and Langley Fox Hemingway's California-inspired Ferragamo campaign shots.

Courtesy of Ferragamo

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As a fashion house so richly steeped in family history, it's only fitting for Salvatore Ferragamo to launch its latest handbag with the help of some famous mother-daughter duos. The bag in question is the delicious new Fiamma, named after founder Salvatore's daughter and produced in five different sizes and a smattering of leathers and exotic skins.

Recruited to join the family-oriented ad campaign was none other than gorgeous mom-and-daughter pair Langley Fox Hemingway and Mariel Hemingway. Paired with the duo's distinct California cool, the sophistication of the Fiamma bag stands out beautifully. It's as if The Beach Boys had a love child with Grace Kelly, essentially.

"What's wonderful about it is that it's an amazing heritage to have come from," said model-turned-award-winning actress Mariel Hemingway, of her own lineage. "There's such creativity, there's such wonderful things about it. There's an overwhelming sense of free spirit in the entire family."

Artist, model and fashion industry darling Langley added: "I think it's just important to know yourself and know your talents and work for yourself and try to achieve the best that you can. Being a Hemingway is such an honorable thing."

To take a peek at the Hemingways' Ferragamo campaign, click through the slideshow above—and watch their behind-the-scenes video below:

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