How To Pair Your Favorite Necklaces With Any Neckline

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Accessorizing can be quite the chore. Don't fret—click through for some pointers to consider when pairing your necklaces with various types of necklines in your closet!

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I've always been the go-to style guru in my circle of friends—years of holding various fashion and/or retail positions earns one such badge. So while I'm generally used to a steady flow of styling questions, one thing that keeps coming up lately is jewelry. Now, I'm not typically one to accessorize too much—although every so often I'll whip out one of my favorite pairs of statement earrings or layer some necklaces to add pizazz to my basics—bu a lot of people have been asking me how to pair their favorite necklaces with various tops and dresses in their wardrobes.

To make things easier on my friends (and myself!), I've created a list of guidelines to consider when trying to pair your favorite necklaces with various outfits on any given day. Click through to see the best ways to pair your necklaces with the various necklines you'll find in your closet!

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