How To Wear Socks With All Your Spring Shoes—Yes, Even Sandals!

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Socks are the It accessory of Spring/Summer 2014! Click through for 14 simple ways to wear them.

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I'm happy to report that the number one accessory of Spring/Summer 2014 isn't an incredibly expensive handbag that costs more than your first car, or a pair of pinchy, teetering heels that no one—not even Anna Dello Russo (okay, maybe Anna Dello Russo, but she doesn't count)—can walk in. It's not giant statement earrings that you'll be completely over in about two months, and it's not a pair of crazy-expensive sunglasses, either. In fact, I bet you already own it in multiples, so you don't need to worry about spending any money at all!

In case you haven't guessed just what I'm talking about yet, it's the humble sock, which strolled down the runways with all manner of shoes last September (and plenty in February, so haters be warned: this trend isn't going away soon). Now that it's finally time to give the look a try, though, I understand if you have a few reservations—there's a fine line between a street style star expertly layering her sandals with hosiery and your 90-year-old granny's go-to bridge club outfit, right? To ensure you're always on the right side of it, click through the slideshow above for 14 foolproof ways to wear socks this season.

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