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The Mermaid Day Parade might only happen once a year—but with these aquatic accessories, you can channel your inner sea siren all summer long! Click through to shop my favorite picks.
An ode to the fallen comrades of the sea.
This shimmering lip gloss will give Old Gregg's pink pout a run for its money.
Just don't get too close to an open container of Old Bay Seasoning when wearing these bad boys…there's no telling how that might end!
A more feminine, fashionable way to channel Bootstrap Bill (Pirates of the Caribbean, anyone?).
This colorfully iridescent case is awfully reminiscent of Rainbow Fish.
If only all seashells could function as super-chic clutches. Sigh.
In the wise words of the world's greatest merman (Derek Zoolander, duh!), "Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty."
Hands down the most glamorous way to cozy up with some undersea creatures.
File these elegant sandals under "Reasons Why I'm Sometimes Glad I'm Not a Mermaid."
I do not recommend trying to do this at home with real sea urchins.
It's not a day at sea if you don't have at least a couple of seashells stuck in your hair!
Subtle gold shell accessories never go out of style.
Palms trees…starfish…same difference, right?
Ugh, don't you just hate it when oysters leave pearl droppings in your hair?
You'll never miss another changing of the tide!
All the beauty of a coral reef, without the deep-sea dive!
This gorgeous evening clutch will take your ensemble from average to Neptunian in seconds!
The sea glass beads in this bib necklace will make you feel like you're wearing the ocean.
Play those scales.
Worthy of Ariel herself!
If mermaids had feet, this is what they'd wear.
No mermaid's look is complete without a luxurious cluster of pearls.
One upside to not having fins for feet? You can paint your toenails a gorgeous iridescent ocean hue all summer long!
Suffice it to say that this is probably the only context in which I'd be okay with having lobsters on my feet.
Landlocked? You can still catch some waves with this pretty cuff.
If Ariel had a smartphone, this would surely be her case.
A comfortable sandal is key for horsing around on the beach!