How To Wear Sneakers With Your Skirts—Without Channeling Working Girl

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Sneakers are having a fashion moment right now, so you no longer need to sacrifice form for function.

Click through to learn how to pair your skirts and dresses with every type of sneaker!

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Life in New York City can be chaotic. Whether I'm waking up to construction noise on the street or sprinting to catch the train during rush hour, there is seldom a moment when I don't feel frazzled and rushed. There are a few things that I like to do to help alleviate some of the daily stress that comes with life in the city, such as bikram yoga in the morning, shamelessly carrying around loads of granola bars in my bag at all times (I'm always hungry, and there's nothing worse than being "hangry"—hungry/angry), and most importantly, dressing comfortably.

But comfort and cuteness aren't instinctively aligned—when I think of comfort, my mind jets to images of women in orthopedic shoes and flashbacks of my tween years spent shamelessly wearing Juicy tracksuits. Fortunately for us all, sneakers are having a fashion moment right now, so there's no need to sacrifice form for function. These days, you can pair sneakers with anything—the options are literally endless. From cutoffs to ankle trousers to culottes, for every bottom there's a shoe that will complete the look flawlessly. And yes, you can even wear your sneakers with a feminine dress or skirt! Don't believe me? Click through the above slideshow to learn how to master the art of wearing your sneakers with your skirts for the ultimate casual-chic ensemble!

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