In Defense Of Flip-Flops: One Lucky Staffer Defends Her Favorite Summer Footwear

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via Lucky Community member Christina DeFilippo

For me, dressing is all about comfort. Yes, I want to be stylish, but if I could wear jeans, a button-down and ballet flats every day, I gladly would (and often do). When wearing pajama pants as real pants became a trend, I rejoiced. I was thrilled when distressed boyfriend jeans were suddenly stylish again. In my opinion, the less I have to think in the morning when getting ready, the better. My closet is mostly full of staple, solid-colored pieces that can be easily interchanged, with a few prints thrown in for added oomph.

As a native Texan, summer is my season, probably because it's the time of year that most easily lends itself to easy, breezy dressing. Dresses are an insta-outfit: no winter layers—and therefore extra thought—needed. I practically live in my white J. Crew chino shorts because they match everything. And of course, summer dressing wouldn't be complete without flip-flops.

When the subject of flip-flops was broached in our web team's weekly pitch meeting, they were quite the subject of contention. As it turns out, growing up in Dallas where logoed Tory Burch versions and leather Rainbows reign supreme had immersed me in a happy bubble, one where flip-flops, high-waisted shorts and a blousey tank are acceptable summer daytime wear. But as it happens, I was the sole staffer left defending what is, in my opinion, the quintessential summer sandal—gladiators with their buckles and straps be damned.

As one of my colleagues already shared in her anti-flip-flop rant, a one-strap thong shoe does not necessarily an outfit make. The thwacking noise is admittedly irritating, and fashion gods forbid you wear flip-flops in the office (not even on Summer Fridays, people!). But sunny Saturdays find me turning to my aforementioned summer uniform—plus a pair of slide-on flip-flops. And why not? They come in plenty of variations fit for a vast array of occasions: rubber versions like those from Old Navy are fit for a weekend at the lake (or errands!), while dressier pairs (like these I purchased just this past weekend from Anthropologie) are ideal for brunch or a day at the park.

For the flip-flop haters of the world—and there seem to be a lot more of you than I thought—I am not suggesting that flip-flops are appropriate footwear to wear, say, to the office, theater, or on a first date (unless that date happens to be poolside). I just think that flip-flops need not be reserved for the beach, gym or post-pedicure. It's summer, for goodness sake, and the weather is too beautiful to waste time fussing with straps or stuffing your sweaty feet into flats. The point of dressing casually is to be no muss, no fuss—and frankly, being just a tad sloppy is okay on the weekends, in my opinion. What else are weekends for?

As for fellow few flip-flop lovers out there, wear them with pride. Show off your fancy pedicure (why else did you spend $30 on it?) and thwack away happily, secure in the knowledge that you are probably 100 percent more comfortable than your laced-up, fenced-in counterparts. I salute you.

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