How To Cover Up At the Beach—Without Looking Like A Frump

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Wide-brimmed hats that cover your whole face and other tips for staying sunburn-free at the beach are ahead. Click through to see 12 stylish ways to stay covered up.

Amanda Marsalis

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Senior Digital Producer

I have fair skin and I sunburn easily. I mean really easily. Ever since the time I got third-degree burn blisters after a day at the water park in middle school and the summer in college when my left arm was consistently pinker than my right just from driving around every morning at my bakery delivery job, I’ve gotten pretty diligent about covering up when enjoying outdoor activities. Caftans and floppy hats, bathing suits without crazy straps and full spectrum sunblock, umbrellas and shady decks are all my friends in the summer months. If you’re like me and want to end the day at the beach as pale as you started, I’ve rounded up 12 suggestions for ways to stay seriously covered up—while still looking stylish—this holiday weekend and all summer long.

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