14 Slam-Dunk Hostess Gifts Guaranteed To Get You Invited Back

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Whether you're crashing for a few nights or just popping in for a quick dinner, it's always a good idea to thank your hostess for her hospitality. Click through to shop some of the best ways to show your gratitude that go beyond a mere thank-you note.
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Tis the season of vacations and weekend excursions, but when you're traveling week after week, things can start to get a little bit costly. Fortunately, resources like Airbnb make it easy to cut back on your spending without skimping on fun—after all, there's really no point in dropping tons of cash on a hotel room that you'll probably only return to late at night. Cheaper yet, you could even consider couch surfing. While that option is technically free, taking advantage of others' hospitality without a proper thank-you is a major faux pas, and will likely close the door on future visits.

In addition to obeying house rules and being a respectful guest, another great way to show your gratitude is to bring along a small gift. I would say that the nature of the gift varies depending on your relationship with your host or hostess, but generally you should stick to something simple that your hostess will want to use time and time again. Still need some inspiration? Click through the slideshow to see some of my top gifting picks, all of which are guaranteed to get you invited back for another visit!

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