Real Talk: Super Quick Tricks To Stop Your Sneakers From Smelling

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Smelly sneakers are inevitable in the summer. Click through for five ways to beat the stink.

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Associate Digital Editor

So you've completely embraced fashion's sneaker obsession. You're all about the ease of mixing flat, comfortable footwear with everything; there's more pairs of Vans, Converse, Nikes and Supergas in your closet than heels. This is one trend you never want to end.

In fact, the perks of wearing trainers 24/7 are so wonderful you've forgotten the one downside: they get smelly…like, really, really—really—smelly. Now you're stuck with a pile of sporty shoes that reek like old cheese (and not the good kind) and no idea how to fix it. How convenient then that I've got five fast-acting tips to help in the slideshow above. Click through to freshen your favorite sneakers right up.

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