Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Sandals To The Office

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Sandals might be trickier to wear to the office than ballet flats, pumps and brogues, but that's no reason to give up! Click through for a complete guide to making open-toed shoes work on the job.

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Like shorts, tanks tops and pretty much everything else you want to put on in the summer, sandals tend to feel a little bit casual. So does that mean you can't get away with a pair at the office? Of course not! You've just got to take extra care with the rest of your outfit.

To wit, I've decoded the right way to dress up every possible kind of open-toe shoe out there (except flip-flips, of course, because no one should wear those outside the nail salon) in the slideshow above. And don't worry if this if your first foray into the world of wearing sandals at work: to simplify things, I've divided my tips by level of difficultly, so feel free to start with the easiest!

Click through to show off your pedicure tomorrow without breaking any dress codes.

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