Into The Gloss x Warby Parker: Shop The New Line Of Glasses You’re About To See Everywhere

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Click through to shop the “instant cool” aviators from Into the Gloss’ collaboration with Warby Parker.
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Today, our friends at Into the Gloss described aviator sunglasses as being the accessory equivalent of a leather jacket, saying, “When they’re perfect, they give you ‘instant cool.’” And, we can’t say we disagree with 'em, especially when it comes to their second analogy that they’re the Alexa Chung of sunglasses. They do have that certain je ne sais quoi of a downtown cool-kid—to which we say, it’s no surprise, then, that Into the Gloss’ co-founder and fearless leader Emily Weiss is a staunch proponent of the shades.

Because we (and Weiss, apparently) can’t get too much of a good thing, the aforementioned beauty site has collaborated with none other than mega-glasses retailer Warby Parker on four aviator specs. We have to say, the two teams certainly did the style justice; with equal parts retro and subtle, this capsule is making aviators a “thing” in a big, big way. Warby Parker’s legendary pricing, too, makes the glasses difficult to resist at just $145.

Click through the slideshow above to shop Into the Gloss’ collaboration with Warby Parker—available to buy today on and in Warby Parker retail stores.

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