Tech Support: Lucky's Favorite Fashion-Approved Gadgets And Gear

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You use your favorite gadgets constantly, so why not make them obvious extensions of your personal style? From phone cases to portable chargers, click through to shop our favorite 28 tech picks.

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My brother thoroughly enjoys poking fun at me for how often I change my phone case (among many other of my weird habits). One month it may be a sleek, metallic bumper; the next, I’ve switched to a ultra-girly floral situation. It’s an expensive habit, but one I’m in no rush to break. My rationale? You literally carry your phone around with you everywhere, so why not make it an obvious extension of your personal style?

Thankfully, that’s a mindset my colleagues at Lucky share. But it’s not just your phone case that deserves the full "treat yo’self" approach: between our iPads, wearable accessories, portable chargers, headphones, speakers and way, way more, tech accessories have blossomed into a hugely booming market.

Click through the slideshow above to see (and shop!) all our favorite tech picks. And remember: you’ll use these gadgets and tech extras far more than any pair of shoes, so why not go for the big splurge?

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