25 Pairs Of Booties That Prove You Can Wear The Style Year-Round—Even In The Summer!

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If you're in the market for a new pair of booties, now may just be the best time to buy. Don't believe me? Click through to shop booties that will transition smoothly from summer to fall!

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I feel like booties are often overlooked; they're like the younger sibling of your standard fall/winter footwear. They're not quite heavy-duty, yet people will tell you they're too stuffy for the summer. But I'm going to put my (bootie-clad) foot down and disagree! I happen to think that booties can be some of the most versatile shoes in your closet. Sure, there are some pairs that are clearly intended for fall and winter wear, but I find that typically has to do with their aesthetic more than with the actual construction of the shoe—though there are definitely some days when you're just not meant to wear leather anything.

In any case, you shouldn't feel like booties are totally off the table during the summer. In fact, it's probably the better time of year to buy booties, what with all of the semi-annual sales currently going on. The key is versatility—what can you buy for the fall that you can start wearing now? If you're in the market to buy some new booties, click through the above slideshow to shop some of the best picks around!

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