22 College Dorm Essentials To Start Your School Year Off Right

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Going off to college is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. Make sure that you're able to settle into your new dorm and create a cozy atmosphere. Click through to shop college dorm essentials to start your first year of college off on the right foot!
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It’s hard to believe, but yes, it’s that time of year again—y’know, the time where stay-at-home moms can rejoice over the return of their quiet days while their kids lament the influx of homework assignments and term papers. For those of you heading off to college for the first time, things are probably especially exciting—and maybe even a little nerve-wracking. Well, let me tell you, college is awesome.

That said, half the battle of college is just getting there in the first place. Move-in day will undoubtedly consist of an early, coffee-less morning with cranky parents and lots of heavy lifting. You’re going to be so tempted to pack up your entire life and bring it with you, but trust me—spare yourself from the subsequent headache and bring only the essentials instead. Don’t know where to get started? Click through the slideshow above for some of the most handy dorm essentials that you won’t want to leave home without!

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