Engagement Rings Explained: A Glossary Of Every Cut And Style

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There's a neverending variety of options when it come to cut and style of engagement rings. From Asscher to emerald, click through to see the most popular engagement ring cuts, explained. Plus, shop versions of each!
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Face it, while engagement rings are one of the most exciting things to shop for, the whole thing can still be quite overwhelming. Often, what you imagine to be the "perfect ring" in your head is not at all what looks right once it gets on your finger. Not to mention there's a neverending variety of options when it come to cut and style.


There's also an entire glossary of diamond-related language to learn. Seriously, walk into any engagement ring store and you are beseiged with terminology that is completely over your head (or my own head, at least).

According to our friends at Blue Nile, these are the most important diamond shopping terms to know:
light reflected through the surface of a diamond
Brilliant cut: a gemstone that has 58 facets
Facet: the flat, polished surfaces on a diamond
Fire: the flashes of colored light reflected from a diamond, higher grade diamonds reflect more colors when in the light
Halo: the center diamond is encircled by smaller diamonds
Head: what holds the center stone or single diamond in place, a sort of basket
Pavilion: the bottom portion of the diamond
Shank: the part of the ring that goes around the finger, could be split or single
Table: the largest facet on the diamond

And then there's the 4 C's:
the geometric proportions of the diamond
Color: the color scale that determines the amount of color within a diamond, ranging from D (colorless) to Z (yellow-brown or grayish hue)
Clarity: how many flaws a diamond has, ranging from FL (flawless) to I3 (severely included)
Carat weight: the weight of the diamond

So, with that in mind, we put together our most comprehensive engagement ring post ever. From Asscher to emerald, click through the slideshow above for a guide to each of the world's most popular engagement ring cuts—plus, shop versions of each. Who knows—maybe you'll even find your "perfect" ring!


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