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Socks are such an underrated way to express one's personality, and I for one think that it's totally acceptable to wear weird pairs with your sandals (or any footwear, really)!

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Look at how fuzzy these are! Quite possibly the next best thing to having a fluffy kitten.
Now you can roll with your gnomies every day (ha!).
That unexpected punch of color makes all the difference.
It's really a toss-up between these and pizza socks.
Personally, I like to buy my socks in packs—there's something so satisfying about getting so many socks all at once, no?
Super-feminine, yet serious enough for an office environment.
They're just like those golden toe socks from childhood—only better!
Yes, this is a boxed set of socks adorned with famous paintings. Yes, you need them.
They really nailed it with the unicorn socks.
The e-commerce caption here really says it all, "A better gift than a tissue." Indeed.
These only look like a typical, solid sock—they're made of silk!
The rustic color scheme is so fitting for fall.
Perfect for any loafer or knee-high boot.
Sheer panels look so delicate and pretty—great for those weeks before the temperature really starts to drop.
Who wouldn't want her feet to look like massive, juicy strawberries?
Personally, I'm partial to stripes. But these polka dots are pretty darn cute too!
Just like the ones grandma used to knit for you.
Printed ankle socks are a way to have fun with your footwear without having to push the envelope too much.
The little peek-a-boo of argyle at the top is the perfect accompaniment for a pair of fall boots.
Tough, but not overly intimidating.