You Can Now Create Your Own Custom Emoji Jewelry (Finally!)

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There's no question about it: 2014 has definitely been the year of the emoji. Thanks to shoes, handbags, jewelry and clothes printed with our favorite funny faces, it's getting easier and easier to express ourselves in cartoon form even when we're not typing on a tiny screen. But if we're being honest, there are still a number of important emojis that are missing from our keyboards. What about a bacon emoticon, for instance? Or a unicorn, mustache or shark?

At last, there's finally a solution. After launching her line of emoji necklaces, Jane Basch—much like us—found herself seeking certain cartoon expressions that just didn't exist. And now, the designer's latest project allows you to custom-create your own emoji trinkets, whether they're based on real keyboard cartoons or not.

For over 60 years, Basch has been hand-drawing and hand-cutting her designs, so allowing for total customization actually makes a lot of sense. The new line launches today and it's super-easy to create your own gem, even if you aren't particularly artistic. Simply submit your drawing, choose silver or gold and your desired chain length and voila—you're done!

All that's left, of course, is to pick your design. Can't decide? We've got a couple ideas of our own: how about a cupcake, pizza slice or the Mother of Dragons? Order yours now!

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