Transitional Footwear: 40 Fantastic Fall Loafers To Start Wearing Now

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It's tough to believe, but autumn shopping season has arrived! Loafers are a great way to kick it off—click through to shop for 40 pairs you can start wearing now.

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Let's not sugarcoat it: summer is more than halfway over. Sooner than you'd expect, it'll be time to pack away the cut offs and sandals and caftans; you're going to be sweater dressing soon. And in the meantime, it's time to consider some fall shopping.

New loafers are a painless way to start the process. Unlike new wooly pullovers, flannel button-downs and heavy, silk-lined trousers tantalizingly waiting in your closet for the temperature to drop, these shoes can be worn right away. The right ones play just as well with white shirt dresses and faded-out denim as any tartan skirt or cashmere knit. It's the ultimate transitional piece.

You're sure to find your perfect pair of menswear-inspired shoe in the slideshow above, where I've not only included the 40 best loafer flats and pumps on the interwebs right now, but divided my picks by budget. Click through for footwear you'll enjoy now through autumn (and winter, and spring, if you don't wear down the soles first).

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