EXCLUSIVE: This Super-Private Chanel Sale Is Almost Too Good To Be True—Shop It Here First!

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Because the only thing better than a heap of Chanel is, obviously, a heap of discounted Chanel, Chicago-based consignment boutique Luxury Garage Sale is hosting a private sale packed with double-C-labeled finds—and we’re bringing the marked-down merch exclusively to you. Click through to shop all seven pieces before anyone else.
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There’s no need to sugarcoat this for you: you want Chanel, I want Chanel, we all want Chanel. I (and presumably you, too) don’t discriminate when it comes to wearable Chanel merchandise, especially when said merchandise is on sale. But as one of the most upscale and ambitious fashion houses in the world, marked-down Chanel isn’t exactly easy to come by—unless, of course, your favorite boutique is making that whole buy-Chanel-on-sale thing a heck of a lot easier.

Enter Luxury Garage Sale, a Chicago-based consignment shop that specializes in upscale designer clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories. With its first-ever Chanel Private Sale, it’s offering seven bona fide Chanel pieces, including watches, statement necklaces, quilted bags and even a tweed skirt suit. The real standouts, though, are the prices—all of which are steep, yes, but still highly discounted—and Lucky nabbed the exclusive to bring you the products first.

Click through the slideshow above to shop the whole sale, and gain access to more discounted pieces by signing up at LuxuryGarageSale.com.

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