Nine Timeless Accessories Worth Your Investment

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Trends are important to try, sure—but not unless you already own the following nine timeless accessories. Click through for the key shoes, handbags and jewelry styles every wardrobe needs.

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There's an unmatchable thrill to dropping big money on a trend. It's like the shopping equivalent of a one-night stand: caught up in the dizzying novelty of it all, you don't stop to consider the future. Rather than the following morning, though, all the regret comes six months down the road, when another batch of It items hits stores. Suddenly you've got a closet filled with last season's style, and nothing to wear.

But that won't be happening this fall. Instead—hopefully!—you'll put the bulk of your funds toward the nine enduringly classic accessories featured above, all guaranteed to feel fresh and new for many years to come. These are pieces you really need to invest in, although it needn't be a several-thousand-dollar commitment. Because it's all about making the smartest purchase for your budget, I've included options for each that scale from a low three-figure range to the high four digits. But, of course, you might want to save a just a little bit of extra cash for gaucho pants, crop tops and mulesa timeless wardrobe is super important, but so is trying something new!

Click through the slideshow for nine tried-and-true accessories every lady needs to own—from handbags you'll pass on to your kids (if you can bear to part with them!) to shoes bound to be resoled over and over again.

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