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1. The brightest but sheerest balm—wildly flattering, smells fantastic, and you don't need a mirror to put it on.
2. The amazing scent that genuinely smells different—and really good—on everyone.
3. This cool, clear-tinted gel is instant pretty.
4. The gel liner to end all liners: inky, rich, and smudges expertly, yet it stays put.
5. Practically every Lucky Girl we've ever interviewed smooths, defrizzes, and perfects with this unbelievable conditioner.
6. Nothing on earth fixes a breakout faster: total miracle must-have product.
7. The trend that's become a classic: greige. It goes with everything yet still manages to make a statement.
8. Giant, perfect lashes in seconds—this mascara rules the roost.
9. This incredibly brightening moisturizer/concealer concoction wakes up your entire face.
10. When this relaunched, our hair got about 1,000 times better-looking. (Bigger, cleaner, and with more texture.)