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1. Pat, don't rub, your concealer. When you rub, you move the concealer to a different part of your face—the part that didn't need something concealed.

Candice Bergen shows us how it's done.
Apply the concealer only to what needs it, then pat lightly—it'll seem like it'll never blend in, but stick with it and suddenly it will seamlessly disappear, along with whatever it's covering up.
2. The key to any acne regimen is … staying on the regimen. Once your skin has cleared, you will imagine you are no longer a person with acne. You could not be more wrong. Vigilance is all. Stick to the routine no matter what.
3. You are almost always prettiest with something close to your natural hair texture. Gisele is still Gisele with a sleek blowout, but when she's got her natural waves, the full jaw-droppingness of Gisele emerges.

One Gisele, three ways
4. Once you've applied self-tanner, go over dry spots (ankles, elbows, toes, etc.) with a bit of moisturizer. This will blend away/diffuse any potential splotches.
5. Vitamin C is the champion glowifier skincare item. Not anti-wrinkle—that's retinol—but super-brightening and revivifying.
6. In general, focus on only your lips or your eyes makeup-wise, not both at the same time.
7. The hairstylist/aesthetician/manicurist who spends her time trashing the job the last person did on you is the hairstylist/aesthetician/manicurist you need to replace, stat. Truly talented people focus on bringing out the best in you, not telling you what's wrong with you.

Sally Hershberger ain't cheap, but a cut with her is better than any outfit.
8. Work out right before your big event and you'll look at least 50 percent prettier. (Your skin will glow so incredibly that everyone will ask, "Who did your makeup?")

Monica Vitti, 1966
9. You wear your haircut every day, so think about that when agonizing over the price: You. Wear it. Every. Day. So it could cost more than your shoes and that would still be a reasonable thing.
10. Make your skin cream work harder by applying it to damp skin. Getting your face wet dramatically increases the efficacy of most antiagers. It can also make something just too plain powerful for your skin—especially if you're sensitive. So if you're using something strong, try a new treatment out on dry skin first.